Ape Casino

Have you ever dreamed of having fun with your friends in the virtual reality but in the atmosphere of a real casino? Mint is Live come in!
Please meet our new project —
metaverse Royal Ape Casino on the
Aptos blockchain!

Our goal

Our goal is simple: we strive to recreate the feeling of being with your friends in a luxurious virtual casino while watching your money being earned!


We are a development team from Sydney. Our team consists of a project manager, senior game developers, BlockChain experts, marketers and skillful designers.
Ian Cummings
Project manager
Paul Fleetwood
Senior game developer
Brian Fleming
BlockChain expert
Abhijit Lothe
Kyle Gray
Skillful designer


Empty promises are not our thing. Why write a bunch of meaningless text when you can test our prototype yourself or together with friends?

Play and earn

The first games to be presented here:
Slot machines
Users will be able to check every transaction of the Games. Later, a list of Aptos wallets used in smart contracts will be provided.


Grab your chance to become a co-owner of a metaverse luxury casino and receive passive income from it!

RAC NFT Holders will receive 50% of royalties from secondary sales and 95% out of the total flip volume.

A total of 2222 are available on Mint:

Wl-sale price:
Public-sale price:
Mint date


Phase 1
MVP development
  • Idea Description and conceptualize the game
  • Game Development on Test net
  • Designing the Art
  • Website Will be Announced for Public Soon
Phase 2
  • Marketing
  • Giveaways
  • Start of Community Development: WL
  • Launch of NFT on Aptos Blockchain
Phase 3
Public Launch
  • Games are Launched on Aptos Testnet only for Mint Holders
  • Game Public Launch
  • Secondary Marketplace Listing
  • Partnering with Other NFT Projects on Aptos


When was the mint date?
Where can I get RAC NFTs?
What will the royalties and fees be?
royalties:10%, game fees:3.5%
What was the mint price?
What is the main differentiator of Other Aptos Gambling Games NFT?
This is the first 3D casino on the Aptos blockchain
What are the benefits for holders?
RAC NFT Holders will receive 50% of royalties from secondary sales and 95% out of the total flip volume.